ABOUT the 13th ACPN 2017


Asia is a continent of diverse geographical, social, cultural and economic differences. Health care too vary between these Asian nations.


We are proud to have two major societies dealing with paediatric nephrology as co-organisers – the Malaysian Society of Nephrology and the Malaysian Society of Paediatrics. In fact, the Malaysian Society of Paediatrics has decided that the triennial Asian Congress of Paediatric Nephrology 2017 will be its annual Paediatric congress.


Hence, the organising committee has decided to focus on care of children with kidney diseases at both the primary (office paediatrics) as well as tertiary level hence the theme: Paediatric Nephrology: Office paediatrics to tertiary care.


The scientific committee has organised the program into 3 themed tracks, each track encompassing key aspects of the particular theme. One track will focus on aspects of paediatric nephrology of interest to those involved in care of children with basic kidney diseases like acute glomerulonephritis and urinary tract infections both at primary and secondary care level. One whole track will be for paediatric nephrologist specialist and trainees and those with interest in paediatric nephrology. We are also fortunate to host the 2nd IPNA/AsPNA Junior Masterclass in Paediatric Nephrology.


The conference will be conducted in Shangri La hotel, Kuala Lumpur right in the middle of the golden triangle in the centre of commerce, retail therapy and culinary delights. In addition, access to places of interests outside of Kuala Lumpur is fast and easy and we invite participants to take time off to visit these sites before or after the congress.


We look forward to welcoming you to the 13 Asian Congress of Paediatric Nephrology in conjunction with the 39th Annual Congress of Paediatrics on 5-7 October 2017 and to share with you our Malaysian Hospitality.


Dr Lim Yam Ngo                                                          Dr Wan Jazilah Wan Ismail
Congress Chairperson                                                Congress Co-Chair